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There is not one advantage in looking older—there is no “grace” in ageing outside the experience of life itself. And what good does those experiences do for anyone if the doors to life are all slammed shut just because someone appears older than they actually feel inside?

Not everyone has to be born beautiful to look as best as they can. Good skin that is healthy, being fit and of a healthy weight, appropriate clothes for one’s body type, skillful make up and face enhancing hair are all part of the package.

​The psychology of not feeling guilty for looking after one’s self past age 40 must be changed and the message has to be sent clearly, that there are no rules in society.

For decades, we have literally chopped our lives up INTO decades and then underwent the changes suitable for that decade.

The pull of gravity, relentless sun, stress and hormone flux WILL result in lumps, sags, wrinkles, hands like spotted gloves, Austrian drapery swags around the neck, facial skin that looks like congealed gravy left in the fridge and raddled decollates. Breasts WILL wander toward the vicinity of your stomach and bums will wobble south like pillows with half the feathers missing and wet. But none of this is necessary.

True age management takes skill, commitment and education.

It is important to realize that there is no one-off approach to this type of maintenance. True age management takes skill, commitment and education. A lot of it has to do with COMBINATIONS of many things including fitness and eating habits. All of the cells of the skin and body have “memory” and kick into new metabolisms if the concepts of treatments are consistent. Waiting to have a big laser treatment or a surgical op, BOTOX® and fillers is not the answer.

Healthy skin responds to all of these hi-tech modalities much better than skin that has been ignored or neglected. A person with badly sun damaged skin and a coarse texture reddened by trans epidermal water loss is NOT going to look 20 years younger with BOTOX® and a few fillers. A person with skin that has shed its redundant cuticle, has all of its immune systems going strong and good hydration, healthy skin cells being maintained and “bounce” to the inner matrix CAN look 20 years younger with these marvellous medical tweaks available in the modern combinations of aesthetics and medicine available today.

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