Which Cleanser is right for YOU?

Not all skin is the same, and that is why DMK has a variety of different cleansers to suit different skin types and conditions. The purpose of cleansing the skin is to clear away dirt, dead skin and excess oil, whilst also hydrating and soothing. DMK’s collection of cleansers aim to nourish the skin and balance the complexion, so read below to find one right for you.

MILK CLEANSER Without stripping the skin, Milk Cleanser assists to loosen the debris deep within the pores while its herbal formulation helps to soothe reactive skin. Milk Cleanser works to clean out the pores of dead cell material and aids the skin’s natural ability to flush out toxins. This milky cleanser is ideal for fragile, lipid-dry or reactive skin such as those prone to eczema or dermatitis. The botanical extracts help to nourish and soothe the skin. ~ Best for: Fragile, dry, or reactive skin

DEEP PORE A gentle non-stripping cleanser for normal, oily or congested skin, Deep Pore works to flush out embedded impurities. Formulated with white oak bark and yucca, this cleanser helps to loosen dead cell material and improve the skin’s ability to expel toxins. At the same time, the careful balance of natural astringents and detoxifiers act to brighten and protect the skin, which makes it ideal for darker skin tones. Deep Pore is designed to leave the skin feeling clean, soft and supple rather than stripping, like other cleansers. ~ Best for: Normal, oily or congested skin

ACU-KLENZ A deep cleansing anti-bacterial gel, Acu-Klenz works to control breakouts while the skin is being cleaned out and decongested. It penetrates deep within the oil-filled pores to regulate the skin’s cell turnover and rebalance oil levels whilst reducing irritation, inflammation and redness. Great to use on the body if you suffer from chest and back acne.  ~Best for: Breakouts and acne

ENBIOMENT™ CLEANSER Enbioment Cleanser leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated by cleansing thoroughly without stripping the skin of its natural and healthy microflora. Designed with gentle cleansing agents derived from botanical sources and a natural preservative system, this cleanser will not make the skin feel tight and unprotected. Instead, it disrupts the skin’s protective microbiome as little as possible while still working to remove debris, dead cells, and makeup. The secret to this formulation is the inclusion of lactobacillus, a probiotic which feeds the good microflora, so the microbiome can rebound quickly after each cleansing. ~Best for: Damaged skin barriers

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