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Skin4u is a DMK Award Winning clinic.
We have a holistic bespoke approach to skin care and work with each client individually to help achieve life changing results.

Val Roche a DMK Paramedical Skin Therapist has an impressive history in the skin care and beauty industry spanning over  20 years. Over those years the industry has grown and changed so much that it has been important to keep up with those changes and Val has continued to educate herself and her staff to the highest level.

“Working to revise a clients skin condition means we take a holistic approach” says Val and therefore we work on internal and external factors treating the root cause of the dysfunction and not merely acting on the surface as in cosmetic style facials.

“One must get to the root cause of the problem if we are to make long lasting
changes to our client’s skin”

At Skin4U we are about maintaining the health of the skin and treat every client individually as not one size fits all so from the start it is important to consult to gain information about our client’s health and lifestyle so we can put together programs that fit the needs of the individual.

Val has gained a commercial cookery certificate that furthers her knowledge of diet and so provides help with the nutritional aspects of her client’s day to day eating habits educating them on healthy eating. “Sometimes we think we are eating foods that are healthy but the truth is some of these healthy foods are not so healthy” therefore we give support in understanding what is a good healthy diet “Of course we are allowed to have treats as we are only human but the general ratio is 80% good food nutrition and 20% indulgence so having a piece of chocolate or such like is ok occasionally. We love working towards our client’s skin goals and get great reward in watching the changes we achieve together be they big or small.

Using DMK protocols and products for over 18 years we specialise in providing skin care solutions for skin disorders and conditions such as Acne, Pigmentation, Scarring, Wrinkles and Fine lines, Rosacea, Open pores and provide body treatments for Cellulite, Folliculitis and Stretch marks including much more.

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